Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Leaders Debate

So, the leaders debate last night was hard to watch. It was mentally quite painful to watch Harper talk to the camera like a robot, lying, downplaying his contempt for democracy and generally put on this passionless persona.

I liked Ignatieff and Duceppe talk about crime prevention in calm, measured ways. They spoke like rational people on the topic, with respect to compassion, real results over ideology, and what would be affordable and reasonable. They spoke to how lengthier mandatory sentences don't reduce crime, nor prevent it, how prison makes criminals worse. Layton also weighed in about prevention being a more important focus. Crime is down in Canada. This is not the time to crack down harder and faster, but to improve victim services and reaching youth and giving them viable options for bettering themselves.

I liked the Liberal's plan for helping students and people caring for ill family. With all the elderly in the emergency rooms these days due to lack of beds in nursing homes, at-home care from family with job protection for them would be beneficial.

I liked NDP's stance of helping immigrants in Canada with programs and assistance to bring their families. I approved of Ignatieff's stance on gun control. I was happy Layton brought up violence against women as a serious issue. I enjoyed watching Duceppe call out Harper right off the bat for his failure to talk to the public.

I'll post my Twitter comments below. I got pretty zealous.

Settling in to watch the election debate.

Oh SNAP! Duceppe with the first awesome jab.

Ignatieff doing well, right off the bat. Harper is smug.

Layton isn't going to be PM, though I do enjoy him taking everyone to task.

Harper has soulless eyes, no passion and reminds me of a robot

Dude, we NEEDED an election, we didn't want it, but it's necessary. Why? Because you suck.

Harper is not talking to the leaders. He's playing for the camera. What a douche.

I think if Layton were a Liberal instead of NDP, he'd have a majority and the NDP would crumble. He's awesome to watch in these things.

"Anything you can't control, you want to shut down". Ain't that the truth. Ignatieff is doing well. I like the passion.

Parliamentary squabbling? Dude, you were found in contempt because you're a liar. You lied to the people. Ass.

Harper, you can't continue to do what you haven't even started re: accountability

Being able to trust my government matters to me, thank you very much. Democracy is of great importance

Harper is doing his best Mr. Roger's impression. Fails to impress

If Harper cared about rehabilitation, he wouldn't have dismantled the jail farms

Harper keeps saying, "That's simply not true." Asserting that something is untrue doesn't mean you're not lying.

I love Duceppe. If he weren't for separation, I'd move to Quebec and vote for him.

There's only so much money. You DO have to choose, Harper. You chose prisons, jets and a G8 party. We want healthcare. We want services

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