Friday, October 26, 2012

38 days till I'm 30

I had my second and final ultrasound yesterday. I had every intention of finding out the sex, but as it turns out, the results were inconclusive. The technician, who seemed to be in training, at first thought it was a boy. But then he back-peddled and said he wasn't really sure. And the shots we got looked like they could be male, but... not in any definite sort of way. The sex was not included on the final report to my midwife.

So I'm about 70% sure I'm pregnant with a son. This means neutral colours (But not yellow. Ugh, don't care for yellow) and sticking to buying the basics rather than getting caught up in gender-specific items. Which is fine. Between all our family members who've had children in recent years, there will be many hand-me-downs for whatever sex we wind up having.

I have mixed feelings. On one hand, a boy would be charming. I'm always so charmed by boys. They're sweet when they're young and it'd be nice to put a good man out in to the world. But then I've always felt I would have a daughter and pass on things to her, knowledge and stories, feminine things. There's a gain and a loss with either, and since I don't care to have more than one (This may change, I suppose, but seriously we can only afford one. Daycare is monstrously expensive) it's best to get on board with whatever nature has selected for me.

Everything else on the ultrasound looked fine. I'm in good shape, the baby is progressing normally and there is no need for another scan. From here on out, I think it's just a waiting game.

I've been trying to think about how I'll spend my 30th birthday.I have a month and change till that happens and going out for drinks is off the menu. I have the odd glass of red wine here and there, but I'd rather plan a birthday that doesn't involve a late night with booze. A little booze, sure, but not a lot. I know other people would have fun, but I might get a little bitter having to sit out on my own birthday. Maybe an afternoon of tea. Or just taking myself to the spa and mellowing out, with friends coming over for cake later on. That might be more my speed these days. Oh, I'm old!

And to think I labelled this WTF I'm Almost 30 and I'll likely wind up hitting 30 with dull roar and a nap. Go figure.

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