Thursday, August 27, 2009

So I'm only 26. But I'm almost 27 and three years ain't long, man

Okay, WTF. I'm almost 30. This is a sudden realization. I'm 26. I'm turning 27 in a few months. This means I'm in my late 20s, not my mid 20s.

These are the things that I see on Facebook that keep taking a dump on my youth:

* People my age buying condos or actual houses.
* People my age getting married
* People my age getting pregnant
* People my age with school age children (The hell?! When did that happen?)

Basically adulty-family stuff. You know, real responsibility. The biggest thing I have to do every day is give my diabetic cat his insulin. And this is a childhood pet, here. Yeah, from childhood. I have two of them and they're technically ancient at 16, but they're still alive.

I've realized a few things lately. One, I can't drink anymore. I was never a major party houndress, but I could at least drink myself into oblivion and then wake up the next morning not wanting someone to dig me a grave to go die in.

Two, I must watch the weather channel before leaving the house.

Three, I can no longer eat what I want without consequences. I still do, but, you know, I'm getting fat. That sucks.

When I was a teenager I thought that I knew everything, and that each passing year I was only growing more and more sage. If only everyone could have all the answers I did. What has permeated my 20s thus far is that every passing year I find I know even less than I ever thought possible. I know shit all about squat.

And that's going to be the tone of this little ol' blog of mine.

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