Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I don't understand Twitter.

I used Myspace. I blogged back in 1999. I have Facebook. Of course I email. I'm on message boards. I shop over the internet. I do online banking.

I just don't get Twitter. Either it's pointless, or I'm just simply not important enough to use it. I think it must be both. I immediately got a few followers and this confused me. Especially the Lesbian Mafia. Why would they add me? And some random teen girls I don't know. And then suddenly, they were gone, following me and my doings no more. I felt a vague sense of rejection.

I joined to see what the shebang was all about and suddenly got a glimpse of my future. Not the future where I'm going to be "tweeting", but the distant future when I'm about 65 or so and I'm trying to use a a technology and I feel lost, confused and would like someone to hold my hand and tell me that it's okay I don't know how to use this program because it's really, really complicated.

Between not having anything to say on a constantly changing basis that would be of interest to others, and not really understanding how to use the site, I was defeated for the first time by a social networking site.

But upon writing this, I've taken a peek back at it. I read various tweets, most of which are not relevant to my interests, and I added-- sorry, tweeted, "Inglorious Basterds rocked my socks." You know, if anyone wanted to know.

Now this is worth talking about.

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