Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good Chickflick vs Bad Chickflick

Remember the chickflick list? Tonight we finally finish it. Yeah. What was supposed to take 30 days has taken half a year. But it's coming to a close with The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Which, for those not in the know, it's a film about mother-daughter relationships, motherhood, friendship that ages through the years and loyalty. It has little to do with romance, which is rare for a movie geared towards women, and I like that.

However, speaking of chickflicks, let me talk about a bad one I saw very recently. The Wedding Planner. If you want to see a movie about a woman who is capable at her job, but too mentally inept to speak up and properly call a man out on his lying bullshit OR too meek and simpering to correct a man who's telling damaging lies about her personal life, then this is the movie for you!

The mere fact I can't fathom anyone, even a stupid person, being this clueless about how to proceed in life tells me the writers who generated this garbage have no business being in business. It's really infuriating.

Set the stage. A woman working in her capacity as a wedding planner, with a couple whose groom failed to mention he was engaged while he was on a date with said planner, experiences an awkward moment. An eccentric man (that her father had set her up with) runs up while she's working and tells everyone in earshot that they're engaged, which they are not.

The wedding planner:
A. Tells the man on no uncertain terms that not only are they not engaged, but he is disrupting her work and that he should leave.
B. Quietly asks security to remove the man, and discreetly mentions to the couple that she is not involved with this man.
C. Goes along with the lie and does not correct the groom while he gives her hell for not being clear she was engaged on their date.

I didn't finish the movie, but I know how it ends. You see, the bride says something that makes her not perfect at one point, so clearly she's not the woman for this sneaky groom. This clears the way for the wedding planner to start a relationship with the liar who dates other women while engaged. And then... she finally gets HER turn for HER special day! Yay!

And sadly, I'm pretty sure now that if I encounter someone who liked this movie, I may just wind up respecting them less for it, much like if I found out they were a Scientologist.

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  1. I had the second half. Glad to see I didn't miss anything in the first part. Not even Matthew McConaughey could make it good. (Much like Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4. I want to like it because I love him. But it's horrible and I just can't. This I don't want to like, but I thought I might be able to tolerate. Nope. Horrible)

    Though it ends with a mutual decision for him and the girl to split because neither of them want to get married. And JLo agrees to marry the other guy. But then her dad tells her not to because she's not happy with him. Matthew runs up to stop her wedding and finds her and professes his live and they all live happily ever after. Lame. (Though I would like to live happily ever after with him. The accent, I love it)

    Terrible movie. Then again, I'm a bad barometer because I think most chick flicks are bad chick flicks. I am happy to say I've only seen 3 off your list (Beaches, The Family Stone and White Oleander) I think I would like more chick flicks if they had guts in them. And copious amounts of blood.