Friday, November 12, 2010

Kitteny goodness

It's taking a lot of willpower not to adopt kittens. I miss Smokey so much and I want kitties in the house again. The lack of responsibility, I'll admit, is pleasant, but my cats were always worth it to me to have to buy their supplies, pay for vet visits, change litter and, in the end, give insulin injections.

My favourite thing was lounging in bed or on the couch with the Dude and the cats, and I'd feel like a happy little family. All my nurturing instincts are goin' nowheres. I want something fuzzy to cuddle.

But like I said, willpower. That and common sense. When we get home from Mexico (OMG leaving Sunday morning, w00t!!1) I am going to order my wedding dress, which means not having enough monies offhand to stock up on new kitten thingies. And then when we go to our hometown for Christmas, we'll stay for several days instead of rushing home early. It'll be the first time that's even possible for me since I was 20, when I first got my cats under my care alone. So of the few new advantages to not having a pet, it'd be stupid not to enjoy them.

But that doesn't mean I don't yearn for a furry meowing ball of joy to snuggle. Oh, I do.

I am aware I'm not over my Smokey. I still sometimes cry about him. It's only been a little over two weeks and I'm still adjusting. I keep expecting to see the litter box or the water dish and it still makes me sad when I remember they're not there.

I want to get cats that I'll be ready to appreciate for who they are, and not as replacements. I take pet ownership very seriously. So I'm not ready. And I'll continue to stifle my desires in the interest of being sensible. That doesn't mean I haven't been fawning over kitten adoption photos online, though. I'm sensible, not dead.

I likely won't post again till I get home from my trip. I intent to stay off the internet all week, otherwise I don't think it'll be much of a vacation.


  1. There are definite pluses to being pet-free (oh, how I would love to leave the house, just once, not covered in cat fur) But the good stuff outweighs the bad. So while I see you enjoying the freedom of non-pet ownership, I doubt you'll be kitty-free forever.

    A friend of mine actually went and got a new kitten on the same day she had to put one of hers down suddenly. (Which also happened to be her birthday) I don't think I could do that, but for her, it helped. When you're ready, you'll be ready. My mom says she's not getting any more pets as she lost 3 in less than a year. But I know the minute there's a kitty needing a home, she'll cave. She's like me, a soft touch. (I mean, as soon as I knew Sid needed a home, I knew I was gonna fall in love with him and it would have taken a lot for me to change my mind. Best decision ever.)

    Much as I love kittens, I do think getting Sid was better than getting Otis. With Sid, I never had the bad kitten phase. Sure, they're cute, but they're pests and bad. Well... Otis still is, but I didn't have to make Sid be a good cat. He always was (though lately, he loves 'catching' his toys and walking around meowing his fool head off, usually when I'm sleeping. If the bedroom door is closed, I wake up to a pile outside the door-- his bat, the blue mousey, the pink horse...) He's definitely changed since he first came to live with me (he's turned into a super big suck and loves cuddling with me. Still hates being picked up though) Kittens have the tiny factor though. I love when other people get kittens because I can live vicariously through them and get kitten snuggles without all the bad kitten stuff.

    And speaking of living vicariously, Sid and Otis love visitors and snuggles, so if you are in desperate need of kitty cuddles, I offer them up for you. But you can't keep them. Unless you bring a big purse, because then Otis would stow away in it. He does that sometimes. Can even unzip stuff if given enough time.