Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas shopping

Okay, so Christmas is pretty much happening any second and I'm sort of in denial about it. No, not really, but I only have to buy one gift. One gift! And I'm not going out to do it.

I bought my aunt a Christmas ornament. We mail each other presents each year. I was going to go out and get her a Swarovski ornament for her tree, but then realized that (a) there's an online store and (b) they would ship it to her with greater speed and less muss and fuss, without me having to stand in line at the post office during the holiday season.

The Dude and I are getting each other kittens (yay!) in the new year for Christmas. It's going to be a somewhat pricey endeavour, hence the allocation of Christmas monies for the cause.

I made bracelets for the Dude's mom and stepmom. And we did a corny Christmas photo shoot for framing as a secondary gift-type thing.

My brother is all that's left. He wants toiletries or other such practical things. Easy enough. But I keep avoiding the task. It's the only gift that involved me doing anything outside the house. I keep thinking how cold and unpleasant it is out there and then I put it off. What the hell is that about? I mean, other than the obvious fact that working from home has made me grown soft.

I'm beginning to see why people who work from home get dressed. I never do, and I think it's the snuggly pyjama feeling that keeps me indoors so much, now combined with an aversion to the cold and slush. Getting dressed means you're serious about doing something with your day. Staying in PJs means fuck it.

In past years when I had more to buy, I'd go out and get everything done in one shot after careful planning about what I'd buy and where. I'd come home with a sense of accomplishment. Thanks to reduced Christmas shopping needs and the internet, that's just not happening this year.

I have a few days left to make it happen. I'll get it done. I have to, otherwise I'm a bad sister.

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  1. I'm crazy. I've been done for at least a month. But I do most of my shopping online. Or with my mom. That means I send the stuff to her place and don't have to worry about wrapping it or getting it there myself. Of course, the downside was the insane amount I spend on myself in the last month. But shoes are always worth it. This year was pretty easy because other than Brent and Jeremy, everyone pretty much got one thing that's bigger than normal. Like my brother is getting an external DVD burner and my niece is getting a TV. The only one getting more is my nephew and he's getting a tool bench and Batman PJs (WITH A CAPE!) Last year, each kid got about 7 presents, which was kind of insane. (Though I spent less last year)

    Not only do I get dressed every day to work, I have to at least go out to the store. I get a little crazy if I don't get out at all for a few days. I hate the cold, but I hate being cooped up more. I don't know how anyone can stay in PJs all day. I just can't do it.

    At least you can buy toiletries and practical stuff at Shopper's Drug Mart or the like. No need to go to malls. I was at Eaton Centre on Friday and walked into Sephora and turned around and walked right back out. Can't deal with that. And it's only getting worse.