Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guide For Online Clothes Shopping

I got some dresses in the mail today. I have well over 30 in my growing collection. Some women like shoes, others like purses or scarves or makeup. Some prefer things for the home. I have my weakness, too. I've held back since wedding planning began, trying to save the monies and all that good jazz.

This one is super sweet. Makes me waist look nice 'n narrow.

This one is quite spiffy.
It's updated '50s housewife with flair. Looks great with a cardigan.

I have had great luck shopping online, not always, especially not at first, but these days I've really hit my stride. I was almost feeling confident enough to buy my wedding dress online, though I did buy my shoes. I have developed a little how-to when it comes to buying clothes online.

1. Only shop on websites that look like they splurged on web design. If their site sucks, it's likely because they're unwilling or unable to pay for quality designers, thus they probably won't have good customer service or inventory.

2. When it's time to pay, the website should be a https:// That means it's secure. I always go with Paypal where it's possible.

3. Don't rely on being able to buy your typical size. Always check the charts. When in doubt, fit your problem area. I have a thicker waist. So I base my size around that when my measurements don't match a size (Which is all the time).

4. Online stores that have customer feedback are safer bets. Always read the reviews on any item you want so you can discover any problem areas in the garment or shoe. Does it fit loose? Are buttons sewn on securely? Is the colour less vibrant in person?

5. Be honest about your body type. I've made errors where I was guilty of wishful thinking and bought a dress that in no way flattered me. Sure, a longer waist and larger breasts would be all well and good, but that's not what nature gave me. I learned my lesson and stuck to higher waisted clothes where the bust seemed ungenerous.

6. Check the web for the actual designers of the clothes you want to buy. Sometimes you can buy them directly and save a little money. Other times it means you won't have to pay as much for shipping. I once bought a swimsuit from the designer directly, and bought a short-waisted prototype she had made earlier and was not planning to sell.

7. Some places don't ship to your country. Find that out first. It's a sad occasion to discover an item you love is not available to you.
Make sure you're comfortable with the return policy before making your decision.

8. Find a store you're comfortable with: prices, shipping, fit, quality, delivery speed, policies, style. For me, that's ModCloth. I've bought elsewhere, but I keep returning to my favourite.

Basically, sometimes you wind up making bad choices in the beginning, but if you're dedicated to the cause (unique clothing, avoiding malls) then you can quickly get the hang of it.

I only wish I had some reason to buy this:

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