Sunday, June 19, 2011

Garden update

Okay, so the Dude uploaded the pictures! And I took some more today, so here is the chronicles of our gardening venture. I'm really quite pleased, as nothing has died, which is wont to happen when I try to make things grow.

Here are my pumpkin and zucchini plants from, oh, a week or more ago.

And here they are today!

Here is the blossom growing from the zucchini plant.

And in the centre there, the pumpkins are starting to blossom.

Here's the tomato plant from earlier a couple weeks out from planting.

And here it is today. It's really sprouting along.
No tomatoes budding yet, but the plant is really looking pretty happy.

This was the garden before, with the carrots, onions, lettuce, peppers,
green beans and strawberries.

Here's the pepper plants today. I wish they were a little bigger, but they are growing.

The green beans were planted from seed
and they've really jumped out of the ground.

The lettuce is getting big.

And strawberries have started to grow!

Overall, rock on! The carrots and onions have also been thriving, but since all the goodies are underground, their progress will be better recorded once they're harvested.

The one thing that's dead is the grass. Oh, we re-seeded the dead part near the garden, but underneath lush green overgrowth was... dead grass. Go figure. So there's a green patch surrounded by a golden carpet of death. I've been watering it, but it needs more.

Funny, eh? The food is thriving. But the grass? Grass that does nothing? Dead as yesterday's news.

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