Thursday, April 5, 2012

IBS, again, and again

Oh man, I am suffering. IBS, that's all. I hate my body sometimes. Some women hate their thighs, I hate my large intestine. I really don't know where it gets off not being a team player.

It kept me up last night, my body aching, my abdomen distended. I have a metallic taste in my mouth. I've been drinking water and peppermint tea all day, and all it's doing for me is making me pee every 75 minutes. I've taken magnesium. I've had a hot bath. I loathe when this happens to me. I always feel so trapped in my skin.

Clothes don't fit as well; my waist is 2.5 inches bigger around. My skin looks puffy. My skin is starting to break out. This is not healthy.

I have other things on my mind, but I can't focus so well lately. Disturbing how much happiness can be disrupted by failures of the body.


  1. at the risk of being that dumb friend who's all "have you tried this???" - this was an interesting read:

  2. I think unfortunately with IBS being a blanket diagnosis, it can cover a wide range of problems. IBS really means they don't know what the problem is and you have to figure it out for yourself.
    For some it's different types of food intolerance, and for others it's a stress reaction, and both, and other causes. So some people with IBS need to eliminate grains because their bodies can't handle them well. Others, dairy. Others, certain vegetables, and sometimes just processed food.
    I'm actually looking to include more oatmeal in my diet. I remember it being useful in the past, even if I don't love it.
    I think my issues are not being hydrated enough, bad physical reaction to any kinds of stress, and probably too much sugar.

  3. Very informative website. Ibs is very troubling for those who have it and they need all the help they can get.