Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The fact that it's nearly September is seriously mind-bending. Each passing year the calendar seems to have fewer days to experience. It all blends into a blur of activity and meals. In a couple of days the Dude and I will be with his family on the lake. And later in the month, I'll go to Vancouver to see my godmother and her family. I miss them incredibly.

That's the thing with missing people. I can compartmentalize. I can shelve the feelings for later. But whenever I'm on the verge of seeing my Vancouver kin, I get antsy and anxious for time to speed up. I can go long stretches, but it's the last couple hours that always get me.

I've done my best this summer to have fun and make the most of the season. I saw plays, movies, went out to the lake, swam, brunch with friends, barbecues... and fall is my favourite time of year. And even so, I always get a little wistful when fall approaches. It's the beginning of the end of another year. I've enjoyed getting older. I've learned things, become more content in my own skin, and I've really made peace with myself as an adult. But all the same. There's a nostalgia there.

Time is funny. There are so many things in the future I'm hugely anticipating. And yet, the passing of years bums me out. I wouldn't mind if, just briefly, time could stand still, just a little bit. It feels too fast.

Frankly, I can't believe I started this thing before my 27th birthday. I'm a little over three months from 30. Despite chronological evidence on this very blog, I still don't know when that happened.

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