Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nursery 1.0

You know how everyone says babies are expensive? Well, babies are expensive. I can actually see why people have more than one because the more use you get out of all the stuff you acquired, the cheaper each subsequent kid is going to feel. Ha!

Today the Dude and I organized our baby gifts, taking things off hangers, clipping tags, throwing away boxes and packaging. The room we're turning into the nursery had been slowly losing control, slowly being suffocated with baby things, looking like it was about to vomit a daycare any second. The closet, full of mostly the Dude's things, was spilling out and could no longer close. Basically total mayhem.

Now? The Dude set to work after we finished sorting everything. It's finally starting to look like a proper room. Linens, toys, safety items, toiletries and clothes are all unpacked and separated. The scary closet is now a work of elegant Tetris. The floors are swept and mopped. It's prepped, and now I feel more at ease.

Some of our friends are coming over in several days to help us assemble our crib, dresser and hutch. And even then we still won't be done. We're still missing stuff we need, and I need to rent a birthing pool as I'll be giving birth at home. I'll get more into that later. It's definitely been a conversation starter and it'd be better to devote an entire blog post about it.

Anyhoo, pictures!

The organized closet,
and the unassembled crib & mattress in boxes.

All the stuffed animals, plus the hand-painted carousel horse.

We'll have to put gates up eventually.
The paint cans are temporary.

It's obviously going to be open-concept. Down the hall, past the closet, is the bathroom and then our bedroom. We're going to get a funky rug to go over this hard floor, and all those toys will likely go in the hutch. The dehumidifier keeps the temperature up and moisture down in there, not to mention it could easily double as a white noise machine. There's only the one small window, but it gets decent sunlight, unlike our bedroom, which despite a larger window, faces our neighbour's wall to the south. 

A part of me feels a little bummed we don't have our own house. But this is Toronto and homes are running for 600k and up these days for small places that likely wouldn't give us any more space than we currently have. Plus, you know, we can't afford 600k. We can't afford 400k. So here we stay for several years. We'll see what happens after that.

We have a room for our baby, we have a yard out back, our neighbourhood is safe and there are parks all over, daycares, easy access to the TTC, and the Dude can walk to work. Not owning a home when we start our family is more of an emotional bummer, not a practical concern.

I bet once I see the nursery finished I'll feel even better.

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