Saturday, March 9, 2013

Waiting, oh, waiting.

I'm days away from being 40 weeks, which would make me due. The Dude is on his vacation time and now I can't help but feel some pressure that I need to birth soon to make the most of his time off. My in-laws are all checking in to see if there's any news, my family is emailing me, and I'm feeling everything: anxiety, excitement, joy and apprehension.

Tonight we're seeing the Oz movie. Time is of the essence with this one. I love going to the movies, so I need to get this in while I can. There's those baby-friendly day time showings around town, but still. And who knows, maybe enjoying myself out of the house will get labour going.

I can't say enough about how weird this is. I mean, massive life changing event due to happen tomorrow. Or next week. Or sometime after that. And all I can do is wait. You get married, you know when that's happening. You know when you'll graduate. You've got your big trip circled on the calendar. You've planned what day you're bringing home your new pet. The closing date on your house is defined. And so on. But this? Pfft. Nothing. I suppose that's the appeal of the C-section. For someone like me, that's the only appeal, but I can appreciate the convenience.

Here's hoping my next post will be along the lines of: I gave birth!