Friday, May 17, 2013


Schadenfreude:  noun

: Enjoyment obtained at the misfortune of others; amusement and validation when your loathed mayor is discovered to be a crackhead. 

So, Mayor Ford does crack. This is on top of being a racist, homophobic, drunken, sexist right-wing nut. Am I surprised? Oh no, not at all. This man was never going to be anything but trouble. When he was elected I developed a small hate-on for the suburbs of Toronto who brought him upon us. The A, once something that meant "area" in the GTA now stood for "assholes" as far as I was concerned. Greater Toronto Assholes. Nobody I knew cast a vote for that clown. Downtown, AKA real Toronto, tried their damndest to keep him out. Well, here we are.

I rather wish we could have our own mayor and the burbs could have theirs, then they could elect the likes of Ford and have him rant about expensive subways that will service 53 people total per day, and leave the real work of the actual city to someone who, you know, cares about Toronto proper.

It's not totally awesome when your mayor makes your home the laughing stock of the country. When other countries know about your oaf-like mayor, it's even more embarrassing. Because what kind of a population brings in someone so obviously stupid to govern?

But then look at who we have for a Prime Minister, read up on our dwindling influence and tanking global reputation, and suddenly a dummy mayor warrants only a face palm and a sigh because you're used to politics making your home look terrible and your insides cringe.

Also today there was an earthquake. But even Mother Nature can't get Ford out of the spotlight today. Even Senator Duffy in his disgrace is given a small reprieve. The mayor of Toronto, aside from being a rule-breaker who's always battling it out in court or leaving early to coach football and using city funds to this end, is a crackhead.

The only winners in all this? This Hour Has 22 Minutes. And Rick Mercer. It certainly isn't the city of Toronto.

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