Saturday, June 1, 2013

Spots and Dots

I've been Googling things like, "My 2 month old is spitting up a lot" and "When do babies get more fun?"

The second one has been on my mind. I feel like I've gotten the hang of newborn care and now I'd love some more interaction. Mainly, I want to watch my son play with his toys. This sounds mundane and uninteresting, I know. Before having a baby I would have thought, "Okay, toys. That could be cute." But now that I have a baby, I see the appeal. Everything he does that's new makes my day more interesting and means he's becoming a more complex human being.

And these are excellent things. They break up the monotony of diaper changes and allow me to see the world differently, through brand new eyes.

I mean, a baby can't even really see. For example, this book is what he's capable of processing:

These bold contrasting patterns are discernable. Everything else? Meh. Fuzzy details I guess. We got this book as a gift and Jack loves to stare at the pages. It's wildly fascinating to him. Explains why he seems so in love with our lamps.

He's been given a number of toys by our friends and family and they're sitting in his nursery or on the floor, aching to be used. Occasionally I'll put a crinkly soft block in his hands, which only recently have started to grip, and he'll kick and bug his eyes out and the block will fall out of his hands. I'll take what I can get.

His first doctor's appointment is Monday. And actually, my first doctor's appointment in a year is then too. She doesn't even know I was pregnant. I never felt the need for a check-up while I was seeing my midwives, since they were always testing my urine, blood and blood pressure. It just seemed like yet one more appointment out of many so I didn't bother. Plus, I was worried I'd have to explain why I wanted a midwife instead of her.

So this should be interesting. Hi! Been a while, eh? Look what I did! The Dude thinks I'm nuts.

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