Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My favourite

The week is whirling by in a sea of crappy weather and no groceries. I wonder if the Dude and I will ever grow up enough not to let the house run out of food. This just keeps happening. We have to go together, to have enough arms to carry all the food home. So that's probably why we keep screwing it up.

Anyone ever take their cat to the dentist? Smokey's going on Monday. Well, he's going to the vet's for a dental consultation because I think he's experiencing tooth pain. But I like to call it the dentist.

I think about when the time comes when I will have no cats. Smokey is 17. Frankly, I wish he'd live forever. But if I get another couple years out of his diabetic geriatric fluffy ass, I know I'll be lucky. I can't imagine life without him.

Will I get more cats? Emotionally I would want to because I do so love kitties, but somehow it feels like so much responsibility. This coming from someone who's been caring for aging cats on her own for years, and from someone who wants children. And isn't that plain silly considering how old I am? But it's true. Or maybe it's the undesirable feeling of starting over.

I have the cat of my dreams right now. He's affectionate, sweet, doesn't bite or scratch people, is friendly and likes to cuddle. I don't want another cat. He reminds me of being a kid. He's the last little link to my childhood. I don't know if I enjoy the responsibility of cat ownership so much as I only deal with it so I can keep him. Or is that why anyone cares for a pet? Or begins caregiving relationships in general?

Or maybe I'm just convinced no other kitten will compare with Smokey or will generate as much love.

Right now he's sprawled across my lap. Every day after work we have these cuddle appointments. He's very insistent on them. Yesterday I was working late at my desk and he approached me and meowed and tried to climb onto my lap while I was working. As far as he was concerned, I was done and it was time for Smokey.

One of my favourite things to say is Smokey is my favourite. My favourite what? Just my favourite <3


  1. I thinks it's reasonable to not want to start over. Your pet ownership hasn't been casual -- you were in it for the long haul. I'm not usually one to compare pets to children, but people typically only go through parenthood (be it with one child or more) once; by the time the kids have grown up and moved on, they're ready to retire that responsibility.

    Maybe you're ready to retire from being a cat-mom. ;)

    Then again, there's always the grandparent stage. :P

  2. Grandparent! Too bad Smokey's kitten-making bits are long gone.