Saturday, May 29, 2010

Smart Asses on the web

Okay, so I've discovered a few new blogs (actually, mostly yesterday) which have me smiling.

Yahoo Answers:
Seriously, this is just great. Everyone's read these, right? People ask random questions according to categories and then the community answers? These are the best of the worst questions and answers. I spent an unhealthy portion of last evening on this site shaking my head in shock and awe, periodically giggling with mirth.

The Message Board: Okay, so the premise of this one is this woman's been lurking on a wedding website for a year and has now decided to act out the dialogue in a one-woman show. It's seven different flavours of awesome that taste like God. Well, maybe not seven flavours. At least five. But it's great. It's great satire.

Why Is That Facebook a Page?: Sharp acerbic commentary following posts of the most ridiculous fan pages on Facebook. I've seen most of these on either Lamebook or my newsfeed, but the blogger's *snap* *snap* wit makes it for me.

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