Sunday, July 11, 2010

Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give a Dress

Today is the sort of day where you get up in the morning and eat croissants. And in the absence of croissants, it's the sort of day your boyfriend goes out in search of some.

It's also a day to browse dresses that currently you cannot afford to buy.

This is my current dream dress.
I quite literally ache for it.

I would love to wear this to a wedding.
Though that's the only place I could see wearing it. But still.

This would be one of those practical buys
that I could wear pretty much everywhere.
Love those polka dots.

And this is obviously not a dress,
but right now I have this adoration for wearing watches as necklaces.

When I was visiting my friend in my hometown last week she asked me how many dresses I owned. Offhand I figured about 15. When I got home I counted them up. 22. 22 dresses. And yet I still feel the need fore more.

I haven't bought a dress from a mainstream store in about a year. It's taken that long to accumulate a unique wardrobe and develop my own look. Growing my hair out has been a part of that, and it's also been a year in the making, at least. Last summer I had decided I was going to make the change and the effort to alter my appearance in this way. It's been a slow, organic process.

Kind of a What Not To Wear sort of change, only less abrupt and on my own dime. But the idea is the same. Love your body by loving how you present it to the world.

I count the days till I can order the red dress. Oh man, how I desire it.


  1. That red dress is AMAZING.

    That it all.

  2. Aw, I love your style. I wish men's clothing could be half as exciting. I'm in such a rut right now, clothing-wise.


  3. I'm going to buy the red one soon. Sooooon. But not soon enough.