Saturday, July 17, 2010

List of Summer Fun

The Dude and I have planned a summer of fun. Lat summer was this total reactionary blurb of nothing as we looked around for a new apartment, saved for the move, packed and generally ignored the season. We went to Casa Loma once. And there was a horseshoe tournament on the lake at his father's. That about covers things.

This summer is going to be different. I really want to enjoy this summer as much as possible. Last year's wasted months gave me the creeps as I felt my life slog by me with no memories to show for it.

So weird how fast time flies now.
So here is the list of awesomeness:

Canada's Wonderland
Toronto Zoo
Science Centre
Host summer party
See a theatre performance
Evening in Little Italy
Evening in the Danforth
Evening in the Beaches
CN Tower dinner

The dinner at the CN Tower is going to be what caps off our summer. The Wonderland trip is already planned. We have to complete our list by September 21, the official end of summer.

Something I've realized is that if you don't plan your fun, you can't expect it to just happen.

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