Friday, September 17, 2010

Ye Olde Kink

This morning I pulled my neck. I was having this weird dream (Does anyone ever have a not weird dream? Like where they drove to work and came home? Or would that be weird because that's such an undreamlike thing?) and when I woke up, my neck was tilted, my ear nearly touching right my shoulder. Who knows how long I was sleeping like that.

It really hurt and so I stretched and turned over. And then it happened. Inexplicably sharp pain, the kind that demobilizes you in ways that shouldn't make sense. After a few more attempts to stretch and massage the kink, it showed me who was boss and I was debilitated. I couldn't turn my head, I couldn't sit up, and I whimpered like a pansy.

The Dude had to bring me pain killers, water, and the phone so I could call in sick (Which always feels so weird 'cause being unable to walk a few feet and work really makes a statement of how unwell I think I am). I spent the day in bed propped up with pillows with a heating pad behind me, unable to move and feeling bored and useless.

Often when I get sick or if I take a day off and do nothing, I don't feel like that. Something about today really felt like an utter waste of a day of my life.

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