Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mail Call

This weekend (as in the one that's just ending) is The Clothing Show. I've been a couple times, mostly with friends, and I love it: the deals, the variety, the treasure hunt that is sample shopping. I've gone alone once, but my heart wasn't in it. Without a buddy to talk you into that adorable dress you're not sure about, or to drag you into a shopping cubicle you ordinarily would avoid but where you find something awesome, it's not quite the same.

I didn't even notice it was coming until it was too late, and so I online-shopped instead for a dress to wear to a wedding I'm going to next month. I never really need an excuse to buy a new dress, but I do so love having a reason. It means getting something less practical for day wear and indulging more in something pretty.

I narrowed it down from these:

Okay, so this is not really wedding appropriate, so I didn't seriously consider it.
But it's sooooo cute.
I didn't get it, and now it's all sold out. For the best, though.
I don't really have anywhere to wear something like this.

This was a front-runner for awhile. It's practical in many ways.
I could dress it down really easy, it's neutral coloured, adjustable straps,
and built for a small bust.
But... no. The magic was just not there.

This was my next choice. It's actually polka-dot with a bubble hem,
two subtle details not immediately apparent. The colour is adorable, too.

But it's strapless and bubble hems are not really something yo
u can hem if it's too long,
on me it could be.

This is my choice. It comes with detachable straps (Obviously not pictured here),
the length is a little short, so on me it should be a bit above the knee, the colours are great,
it's got a high waist and it'll be easy to dress up and down as needed.

I also bought this because when I saw it,
a handful of fun outfit combinations popped into my mind.

It's a real eye-catcher and it'll pair perfectly with basic black tops,
ballet flats and bold accessories.

On top of my happy shopping, I'm also waiting on Halloween costumes in the mail. I'm going to be the Queen of Hearts and the Dude is going to be a scary version of the white rabbit. I'd go with Alice, except I kind of wanted my red hair to work with my costume instead of against it. I had also thought about Pippi Longstocking, Orphan Annie, Raggedy Ann, Jessica Rabbit, Strawberry Shortcake, or Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Well, that's not really true. I definitely didn't consider Jessica Rabbit.

I love getting things in the mail, even if it's from myself to myself.

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  1. That dress = adorable. Polka dots are awesome and I love the colour of the blue. (The top dress is super adorable too)

    Also, glad to see I'm not the only one who's all decided on Halloween. And I totally approve of your Alice in Wonderland theme. I keep planning on being the Mad Hatter, but I have a vision of a costume and I can't sew though I did find one pretty close to my ideal. ( Though I wanted a purple velvet waistcoat and a better hat. Maybe once I take my millinery classes. Then I can REALLY be the Mad Hatter. (I've also been American McGee's Alice once...) But this year, I'm going easy and being Gaz from Invader Zim. All it needs is a purple wig and a game boy. The rest I can pull from my own closet-- black dress, skull necklace, stompy boots.

    And presents in the mail are the best. I order myself things online all the time. (In the next couple weeks, I'm gonna be making a massive makeup order... over 100 bucks. Insane!) I'm into my Christmas shopping and just made a huge order at Big Bad Toy Store. Mostly for other people. But I added a new Living Dead Doll to my cart. Just because. Sometimes I say they're presents from the cat. But they use my credit cards. Heh.