Friday, October 1, 2010

Cute Town

Hellllo, October!

I love me some good October, I really do. I love pumpkins, Thanksgiving and Halloween. And it's also the month the Dude and I celebrate our anniversary. Four years now. T'is a record relationship length for us both.

We got our Halloween costumes ready to go. I'll be the Queen of Hearts and he'll be the White Rabbit, only a psychotic version. I really went all out this year. I couldn't help it. I really love dressing up in costume and you pretty much only get to do it once a year. I've always tried to be a little frugal about it: re-using costumes, buying only what's on sale, throwing things together with what I have lying around the house... but I wanted to for once give into my id and blow some cash on a fully accessorized shebang of fun.

So that meant not just a costume, but the accompanying petticoat to give the skirt flounce, and customized socks with playing card clubs on them. I'm not saying how much I spent on all of this after tax and shipping. But I'm going to look effing fantastic.

Since high school ended I've been haphazard about Hallowe'en most years. I bought a cheapo nurse costume second year and wore it twice in a row to Halloween pub night. Then it ripped. I think I skipped the following year. And then after that I was a police officer. The costume fit terribly, but a few pins here and there and it did the job. Then some more nothing.

Bo-ring, right? Things got more interesting with Rainbow Brite. I had some good fun with that, though it was a lesson to pay more attention to the way my body actually looks, as the torso on that dress was a lengthy nightmare on me. Whoever has the body to fill out that costume the way it's meant to, you have my congratulations, but that person is not me.

Then came my favourite to date: the bumblebee. It was actually a "sexy bumble bee", but on me it was not, the way most things are not sexy on me. And I don't mean this in a disparaging sort of way, it's just a fact. I really have to go out of my way to appear "sexy". I'm short as hell, petite everywhere and I have a very innocent look about my face and a juvenile voice. Hence, a short skirt ain't that short on me, and with no cleavage and my childlike looks, what was sexy and adult is suddenly cute and adorable.

It'd bother me, except that means I can get away with a lot more without looking like a skank. And that's what will happen for the Queen of Hearts. I know. I've tried it on. Cute Town, here I come.


  1. That sounds pretty awesome! I think I'll have an actual democratic vote for best costume at my party this year. :)

  2. Which costume did you get? Is it one of the movie ones, one of the slutty ones or one of the awesome ones? Also, you mention petticoat and socks-- I think I saw shoes at one of the Spirit Halloweens that would go with a Queen of Hearts.

    If I were buying a costume, I would totally buy this awesome ringmaster costume I saw. I love it so much. I just hate spending the money because I find most store-bought costumes really crappy quality and I can't justify spending the money. Plus, I really love putting together costumes. (This year, I'm not even having fake blood, which is kind of a scary thing for me...)

    p.s. The Mad Hatter is way awesomer than the Queen of Hearts. I'm just saying.

  3. Ooh! A contest!

    Shanen, I got something that's mild on the slutty, but is negated by my height and body type. I'll be throwing up some pictures after the event :D You should totally be a ringmaster. I've never seen that one, actually. Do it!