Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aunt Jendra

I'm going to be an aunt. My brother is expecting a child with his ex-girlfriend. Or perhaps she's current. I'm not sure. But he's going to be a father, and regardless of his romantic situation, I'm emotionally invested in my first niece or nephew. How could I not be? My only brother is expecting his first child.

And it's so wild. I mean, this guy, my brother, is perpetually a teenager in my mind. He's always seemed so much younger than me. I think it's an older sibling thing. The Dude's older brothers are always calling to check up on him, probably because they feel the same way. It's hard to see your little brother as a grown man sometimes.

And now it's really hitting home. And I obviously have concerns. I mean, any unplanned pregnancy in a relationship that's not solid to a young couple is going to need some help. And I don't live in their city, which sucks. I don't want to be a twice-a-year aunt. I don't think I'll have much choice in the matter living three hours away, but knowing my brother could use some family support and not being there for him really bums me out.

The baby is due in September. They told everyone early. Most people wait till the first trimester is over in case of a miscarriage, which is a possibility early on. But I guess they were pretty excited and excited people like to share their news.

This is a big year for him and me. I'm getting married, he's becoming a father. This is grown-up stuff. My mom would be having a field day. Too bad she won't be there to be a grandma. This child would have hit the jackpot with my mother as his or her grammy.

I know I've been having some sorrow over my mom not being here for my wedding planning. It really hurts sometimes. I wonder how Jamie is going to feel about his mom not being there to meet his child or support him along the way. Probably he's feeling the loss.

2011 is turning out to be quite the year. And it's only February.

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