Thursday, February 17, 2011

Madam Food

2:00 in the a.m. and all is well. Not in my fuzzy mind, which seems incapable of keeping to a normal schedule, but that's old hat by now.

Sometimes I just simply don't feel like an adult. I do most of the time in various mundane ways. I pay my rent and bills, I work, I clean. But when it comes to groceries, the Dude and I have some issues. We just kind of stopped buying food in bulk and started buying ingredients for meals as needed.

Now, this means I'm not snacking during the day, which is good because working at home and available goodies are the perfect storm for chub. But it also means that our fridge is sad. You know when a fridge is empty looking with the odd leftover, some condiments and a carton of cream for coffee? That's our fridge. It looks like a foul bachelor who hasn't got his shit together lives in our apartment based on the contents of our fridge.

Does anyone else do that? Let all of their food run out? When we lived near Fiesta Farms we'd haul ass once every two weeks and buy $120 of groceries and make a ton of meals. The food was local, fresh and inexpensive. Since we moved we're just not inclined to trek to Fiesta nor do we wish to promise our firstborn for older American-grown food from the closer Loblaws.

I miss being a kid. I'd go into the kitchen, grab food and eat it. Done. I think planning for meals and grocery shopping is one of my least favourite adulty things I have to do.

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  1. I was impressed with myself when my fridge actually had stuff in it. Not that it was actual food, but it was more than usual. I actually had coffee, energy drinks and wine. And a tub of frosting. That's along with my usual pickles and condiments. Now the wine and energy drinks are gone. But I think I have an onion in there somewhere.

    But I've never had a full fridge. I barely cook. I need to start keeping fresh fruit though. My eating habits are terrible. I still live on frozen dinners. And pickles.