Monday, February 18, 2013


When you're in the last month of gestating your first baby, it's entirely too easy to hemorrhage money. I managed to add in the neighbourhood of $3,000 to our savings over this time, and work plenty of baby things into the monthly budget, so as not to touch said savings. But now that's over. Time to dip in.

For example, this weekend cost us somewhere around $400: Bassinet/playard (Used, thank you, Kijiji), vertical drying rack, nightstand, toy box, hamper, baby bath tub, drug store things for the birth, plus other normal household stuff like groceries and cat food, and a Zipcar to grab all this stuff.

This month was also the Dude's birthday and Valentine's Day. We didn't blow the bank, but we also didn't let the days slide. Pre-parenthood special days should not be neglected.

And that's all on top of the other stuff I ordered online/bought last week: baby carrier, breast pump, BDA pants, crib sheets, changing pads...

The baby has dropped. I now feel like I'm carrying one of those 5-pound bowling balls in my pelvis. I waddle. When the baby squirms, my cervix cries. I'm 37 weeks in a couple days and more or less I'm term. Almost. I am so looking forward to being done with this. The fact I risk massive vomiting every time I cough and that I cough after every meal I eat got old many moons ago.

We're hosting one last party before the birth. Most people thought we might skip our Oscar party this year, but oh no. I'm not losing the chance to do this one last shindig sans bebe. I may be a huge beast of a person right now, but there's no wee one crying or needing anything and I intend for the Dude and I to make the most of our last bit of freedom.

It's so funny. Everyone talks about how hard and awful having a baby will be, but generally think pregnancy is exciting and sweet. Having looked after children (pee, poo, vomit, tantrums and all) and having now experienced pregnancy, I kinda think it's the other way around. You suffer for a purpose and then you enjoy (occasionally lament and curse, but mostly enjoy) your offspring. I sort of feel sorry for those who love pregnancy, in a strange way. It's a temporary state that you only experience so much of and then it's done and gone. My memories are going to be of looking back over these months with total gratitude that they're over. I try not to laugh too hard when someone tells me I'll miss it.

Also, I think having IBS in comparison to dealing with this will really put things into perspective. Your body can always be a bigger asshole. I won't have as much life freedom, but my God, I'll have bodily comfort again. That's my new idea of what freedom is: feeling good in your own skin. Oh, how I'm looking forward to that.

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  1. Best wishes for a perfect delivery and healthy baby!