Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lame = old = okay

I have never been terribly fun. Fun being a going out, drinking it up, being silly and la-la-la. I gave it a go in my teens before I was of age, but something in me just switched off before I could even go about debauchery in a legal fashion. And I do enjoy nights out, good drinks, good company and silly times. I just lack stamina and, strangely, talent for it.

For the sake of my health, and frankly life, I severely limit how much I drink. I vomit easily and can so easily lose control of all my facilities. I've certainly discovered this the hard way. I've ridden the porcelain express, long and hard. I've spent time in the hospital after a night of "hard" drinking as my lungs burned and heaved from such intense puking. This sadly has happened more than once. And from what? Oh, about five drinks of alcohol. Or as I like to call them, units.

While some people are gearing up to go out at 11:00, I'm now too tired to leave my house. I like to get home no later than 2:00. I like to leave no later than 10:00. I need a hearty meal and a long stretch of time to pace my sparse units.

So I'm not terribly exciting. I'm not an awesome night out on the town. Do I wish I was? To some degree, sure. I sometimes wonder if in fact I'm just not fun. But on the other hand, I think I'd be less happy if I made myself party more often. I don't like puking, feeling dizzy, hangovers and realizing how idiotic I was last night.

I had a nice night out with friends tonight and was home by 10:00. I had one drink. I feel fine and dandy. And something I'm finding I enjoy about nearing 30 is that it's less and less uncool to go out and drink less and less. It starts being smart instead of lame. My age is slowly but nicely catching up to my personality.

Listening to some of my friend's crazy drinking stories filled me with glee. I love them all. I feel partial regret I've not been spending my youth being nutty too. But maybe for someone low key like me, living vicariously is more advisable. I'd probably just die or something.

On a totally unrelated note, the Dude just came home with $50 worth of pork products from work. Huh.

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