Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jar Openers

The Dude and his dad left not long ago to go to the Dude's brother's house to help him build some fence. This is a male bonding thing, where they're not just happy to be of use to each other, but to physically make something together. The thought of helping anyone build a fence (or a deck, or whatever) does not give me any warm fuzzies, but those two left with smiles and energy.

I really like men, in general, and that's a reason why. Mostly they seem happy to help with the physical things in life. They don't so much want to hear about your day, but they'll open your jars, hang your pictures, repair your sink and move your furniture, and under it all they really seem to like it. I suppose these things make them feel like men. And how lovely that them feeling like men comes with benefits to others.

Oh, I know there are plenty of awful men out there who either try to feel like men at the expense of others, or who are delta- or gamma-grade men who aren't very useful to anyone. But I think those types are a very loud and obnoxious minority.

But the question at hand for me this weekend is what to do with myself? Maybe see Women Without Men, a movie about women in Iran, a place where the men are not raised to be of the same quality that we as women enjoy here in Canada.

PS, If you want to know who the best kinds of men are, look no further than Cute Boys With Cats. I mean, is there really anything more endearing than a man who loves cats?

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