Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mrs. White in the study with the candlestick

Last night I went to McPal's condo for a murder mystery, one that he wrote himself. He wrote characters for all his friends and it was a fairly epic storyline, considering all the side stories he needed to write to establish suspects, motive and surprise twists. Unfortunately a few people were too shy to reveal all their information and a few storylines got lost.

I'd attended a party like this before as a generic party guest when I was a kid. It was an event you pay to attend, with paid characters in costume playing the part, with a scripted storyline. I had a good time and danced with men in red soldier outfits. But actually being a character was way better. I got to be Madame Zuzanna, the psychic who turns out to be a fraud. I won a prize for best performance! Hehe! I won a copy of the Clue movie. Appropriate.

McPal was the easy mark and host, Mason Mogul, trying to discover information about his dead sister, who was murdered by someone at the party. In attendance was the mother, Mrs. Mogul, her assistant, and the two surviving Mogul children, the late Mr. Mogul's mistress, the local Priest, the family lawyer, the meek neighbour, a mobster, a few family friends and the paranormal investigator who was actually a private investigator.

The Dude played that last one and was the one who blew my character's cover. Buddy B and his girlfriend came and played the lawyer and neighbour. McPal's boyfriend was the priest, who turned out to be not a priest at all, and was having a secret affair with the late Mr. Mogul's mistress.

I got to hold an improvised seance and watch people play their roles with flare. What fun! I never went to parties this fun when I was younger. I've noticed theme parties increase as you move through your 20s: '80s parties, redneck parties, Bollywood parties, Stepford wives parties and so on. I was just invited to a Rubik's cube party that I can't make this weekend. When the novelty of booze wears off, you need something more.

I hope McPal does another one some day. I think it'll take him awhile to recover from this one. But it was pretty bitchin'.

Holding an intense fake seance.
Maybe I should take up being a fake medium on the side.

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  1. Ahahaha... the only thing that could make me love this post more would be an amazing picture.

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