Friday, April 9, 2010

Life before Google and post laptop coma

There are a few things that can cause major disruption in any grown person's life, and thus prevent them from updating their blog:

1. The death of a loved one
2. The loss of a job
3. A serious illness
4. Knocking one's laptop unconscious.

I experienced number 4 on Wednesday night. It was turned on and sitting happily on my side table before it fell off somehow, hurt itself and then refused to forgive me and has not allowed me to use it since.

The Dude is linking our Macs and running all sorts of programs and such, valiently trying to retrieve my information before what looks like an inevitable reset. I have photos on there and, moreover, videos I want to keep. I have a few of Jerry that I would be heartbroken to lose, as I watch them every few weeks when I miss his little face.

No, I didn't back anything up. That is of course entirely why I'm now facing mass extinction of all my short stories, photos, videos, personal documents and the iCal calendar I rely on to get me through life.

I could cry. Actually I've already shed some tears over what is trapped inside my laptop. I hate starting from scratch. Getting a new computer always kind of bugs me for that reason, and in this case I wouldn't even have the consolation of something faster and shiny.

And something else that gets me is the lack of Google over the past couple days. I mean, I have my work computer handy, but it's alllll the way over here and not conveniently at arm's length every time I have the thought to look something up. What the bejesus did people do before the Internet and Google? And this from someone who has only had Internet access for 11 years and has only lost easy access to it, not all access. Bloody hell, that's pretty spoiled. Not that I plan on changing my perspective on it.

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