Tuesday, March 1, 2011


March! My God, it's March already. This hardly seems possible. I'm just over eight months away from getting married and I no longer feel totally ahead of schedule. Not that I'm behind or anything, I was just all hunky dory thinking about having all kinds of buffer room. I'm Planny McPlannerston that way.

So far I've got the following things sorted out:
The venue & food
Dress & shoes
Bridesmaid dresses
Wedding day-of planner

I have to acquire/do the following things:
Seating cards & chart
Block hotel rooms
Ceremony music

One list is clearly longer than the other. Now bear with me, I've gonna talk weddin's, y'all.

The Dude and I are seeing a guitarist this month for the ceremony. My aunt and uncle are providing the invites, so I'm hoping to talk to them about it this Easter. The license can't happen till 90 days prior to the wedding. I've picked out my centrepieces and favours, but I'm waiting till after the move to buy them. The planner is going to help me block hotel rooms.

So it's not like I'm totally out to sea here. My next big project is finding the florist and officiant. After those two necessities come together, I'll be laughing.

I've also been entering contest after contest. I'm trying to win a honeymoon. Any travel related contest I can find, I'm signing up. I've never won anything like that, but I figure I may as well go ahead and try rather than not.

The rings we're planning on making ourselves at a jewellery workshop downtown. You can make a pair of rings for $500 and a jeweller will help you. They won't be fancy, no flashy gems, but they will be classic and well made. The photos from the workshop show some really good looking rings, so we're feeling confident.

The Dude thinks it's funny how much work I'm putting into the wedding. I'm researching this or that, weighing options aloud, sending out inquiries, and so on. Of course, I'm the one doing everything to plan it, so I don't think he fully understands how much work it actually is to find the good deals from quality vendors. Though if it were 100% up to him, we'd go to a court house.

A court house isn't for me, though, not when we already live together. I kind of want a real event to mark our decision, because lord knows our daily life won't change terribly. We've already hashed out our differences, furnishings, finances, labour division, goals and needs. I have never had a big party for any particular moment in my life and this is one area I think I'd like to go for it.

When I was 16, I went bowling with my best friend, who's birthday also was in days, and two other friends. I don't know who has sweet 16 birthdays, but I didn't. 19 is a big year in Canada. For most it means you can go out and drink. I stayed in with my boyfriend at the time and the two of us ate ice cream cake. There were no parties for my high school and college graduations. I wasn't and am still not bothered by any of this actually, but I'm just illustrating a point. I typically don't make a fuss out of my special moments in life.

This time I will. A small fuss. Maybe a medium-sized fuss.

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