Monday, February 27, 2012

Little of this, little of that

Allergies, allergies, I am plagued. Every week, more than once, I am besieged. A runny nose, constant tickles in my sinuses and countless frequent sneezes are taking over too many of my evenings. The next day I am worn out; it's like a nose hangover. I need some sort of allergy test or shot. This cannot go on. It's like an assault on my face.

My no shampoo experiment has yielded new results to share. My old norm was that my hair could go five days before grease would set in and I'd wash it within a day or two. I had my hair coloured last Tuesday, which came with a shampoo. It is now Monday and my hair has not gotten greasy. Oh, a tad bit of oil has set in, but hardly anything worth noting. My hair is still silky and soft. So, I think my scalp has made some adjustments to its oil output. Very encouraging.

It occurs to me that this year I have very little going on. The Dude will be working hard; he's focussed on his career, which is making strides all the time. I'll be saving money to put towards a house, though we're a couple years from that, frankly. We're about a year away from thinking about having a family. 2012 has the potential to be incredibly uneventful.

Rather like this blog entry.

I've been musing over some things, digging back aways in my memory. I'll likely write about my musings when I've organized my thoughts.

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