Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No Shampoo Experiment: Day 47

And then there was shampoo.

I coloured my hair at the salon (It was so very necessary) and now my hair is red, glorious and holy crap is it soft. It's never this soft. Ever.

I'd gotten to a point with my hair where I was washing it using the non-detergent methods of baking soda or Priya Means Love and apple cider vinegar, and it was still oily. A little less oily as time dragged by, sure. But really, my hair was coated in its sebum and stayed that way. It wasn't gross, but it wasn't the best feeling.

It looked clean enough, smelled like nothing and I'd noticed it had grown thicker. It was soooo thick. Thicker-than-tension-in-sex-ed thick. Also, by now, almost three months after a haircut, I'd usually have split ends, crunchy and breaking and looking like ass. But not so this time. In fact, I have no split ends and my hair has a tad more growth than normal.

I made my appointment at the salon when I could no longer tolerate my roots, I got the colour and inevitable shampooing and I'm thinking my month-plus of allowing oils to do their thing, mostly undisturbed, has paid off. My hair has never felt this amazing in my life. It's got this silky softness I'm loving on. I'm also curious to see if my scalp has adjusted its oil output after all this time. That should be very interesting. I averaged about 5 days before oily hair would begin and 7 days before a wash prior to starting this whole thing. If I get a boost of even a few days extra before the oil starts to pile on, it'll be very encouraging.

Also, should I reset my day counter? I mean, I've shampooed. But I suppose it's all part in parsel of the same experiment and I like the chronology of counting the days.


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