Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wedding pictures

You know, it occurs to me I never wound up posting pictures of the wedding. I threw in a couple, but not many more. So I'm going to do that now. I have the feeling a lot of people who actually know me read this, and have thus seen the pictures. However! I also know I have readers who don't know me and so this could be new info.

In any case, I know a number of people find me via Google looking for wedding ideas. So here you are. Also, I'm trying to avoid posting pictures of my friends, family and the Dude, as methinks most would prefer not to be featured on the internet. Well, the Dude can be on here a little, but he's sort of a private guy.

My beloved dress, a bargain $700
at Bridal Fashion Fraire.

Getting ready at The Gladstone Hotel.

Walking down the aisle at the Columbus Centre.

There was some really amazing greenery and photo op locations on the grounds,
which was awesome.

We got our flowers at Sweetpea's in Roncesvalles.
Seriously beautiful flowers.

I got a great deal on centrepieces, under $15 per piece. Not flashy, but sweet.
Chalkboard easel table number by Hans Creations on Etsy.

Wood chip flowers in neutral and also pink for the decor around the cake.

I really loved the cake. From Dessert Trends.
Light lemon with strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream icing. Edible flowers.

We had a candy buffet, which is what those boxes are for.
Plus you can see the wedding wands we got from Etsy.
People played with those all night.

Cake toppers from Kikuike on Etsy.

My hair flower is from Silverpencils.

So there you go!

And now, brunch. I love brunch.


  1. I found your blog after watching Four Weddings and google-ing you. I wanted to say i love Love LOVE your dress. It's phenomenal.
    (the only option for commenting as that i know what it means is "anonymous" - but I'm Becky. Figured it was less stalkerific if i told you my name!)

    1. Thanks for the dress love :D It was a very happy find, and actually the third one I tried on. When you know, you know!