Thursday, January 14, 2010

Large and small matters

Somehow I haven't been able to keep very good track of the days. I only realized it was Thursday after work, and then forgot again. I sat here for a minute trying to figure out on my own what day it was. How does this happen? I blame vacation days still wonking with my internal clock, and apparently my internal calendar as well.

My insomnia is easing up a bit. To further combat my sleeplessness, I bought Gravol, wax earplugs and lavandar bubble bath. The TV is off. The lights are dimmed. I'm writing out my mind. This should do it. And if not, I throw myself into traffic.

No, no. But I'll think about throwing myself into traffic.

There's going to be anti-prorogue rallies all over the country on Jan. 23. It's really important that all Canadians know about this. It's not a small matter. It is in fact a protest against tyranny and a slow slope into dictatorship.

I posted this link on my Facebook, though I doubt many if any read it. It wasn't a YouTube video or an LOLcat (fun and delightful as those things may be). It easily and quickly explains from the text of a Canadian constitutional expert why Harper's proroguing parliament means grave danger to Canadian democracy. If any Canadians are reading this, I urge you to click the link, take the five minutes and educate yourselves on this matter. It's an anti-partisan factual explanation of our system and outlines how it's being abused.

One final train of thought, Smokey has been meowing incessantly. Well, not quite incessantly, but over and over and over again for long periods of time. Even when he's been fed, even when he has fresh water, even when he's been given attention. Maybe he still misses Jerry. I'm not sure. But it's making me crazy.

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