Saturday, January 2, 2010

Smokey's Perspective

Life as a house cat continues, if house cats could play Nintendo Wii. I've been wasting away my life in front of Harvest Moon and vegetating. I look like hell, the weather is too damn cold to be out in anyway, and I'm sleeping in guilt-free. I love vacation. I probably would hate myself and my life if this were my daily routine, but it being a temporary reprieve from work, it's totally rocking my socks.

The Dude is being remarkably cool with my monopolization of the TV. Which is good, because I'm pretty deeply entrenched in HM addiction right now and there's no stopping me.

I've been observing Smokey lately and he's been taking over a number of Jerry's little quirks and behaviours. One is sleeping under the covers. The Dude always let him sleep beside him under the sheets at night, and now Smokey seems to think that with Jerry gone, this is a privilege he must partake in. It kind of bums me out because this means less Smokey time at night. But I'm getting a little better sleep. Such a tough call between sleep and Smokey cuddles.

At our New Years party (more of a light gathering) he didn't pull out the stops like Jerry, though. He did grace us with his disdainful indifference periodically through the night, but was nothing the host Jerry used to be, who would travel lap to lap to accept whatever love he felt he had coming to him. It made me miss my little guy. He was a real warm kitty.

Smokey's also been burying his litter leavings less and less. Jerry used to be like that, he buried nothing, and sweet merciful hell on a stick, his shite stank. This may sound obvious, but no. You have no idea. It was uber rank, like a rotten egg took a dump in a sulfur mine. I don't know how such an adorable little kitty made something so foul. And of course this was his way of informing all of us that it was his house and we just lived there. Smokey now seems to believe this is true of him. At least his leavings aren't so objectionable. Not in comparison anyway.

So all in all I think he's adjusted to Jerry's absence. He has a new position in the house of top cat and while I think he still gets lonely, I've noticed he seems to enjoy his heightened status. He certainly likes not having to wait to eat until Jerry is done. Must be nice to be a cat in times like these. A person would have conflicted feelings about enjoying aspects of a companion's death. Not house cats, though. They miss you when they miss you, but damn if they don't enjoy your absence when it benefits them.

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