Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mexican boo-urns

You know when what you want for another person and what would be convenient for you don't match up? This is the pitfall of the destination wedding.

My cousin who just got engaged has been like a sister to me. We grew up together, went to the same school and we were always spending the night at each other's house and spending time together at least once a week or so. My mom and her sister were best friends, so my cousins were always around.

Now they all live in BC. I see them once a year. My cousin has a number of people who would have to travel in from Ontario for her wedding, so she figured why not get married somewhere cooler than BC? Mexico.

Unfortunately, Mexico would be double the cost. It's also not a trip I'd want to make without the Dude. A romantic resort for a wedding and then an extended stay? Yeah, not doing that solo. I'd wind up spending a lot of time alone. Not that reading in sunny weather and getting drunk by a pool on my own is undesireable, I just don't think I could use a week of that. Then there's paying the singles rate, which often means one person paying close to the cost of two people per room so the hotel doesn't "lose" money when a solo traveller books a stay.

See, my cousin and her fiancee are trying to win a dream destination wedding. If they succeed, the location will be so far out of our price range, that I feel a little woozy thinking about it. They would also win four couples' stay with them, but she and her fiancee no doubt have various other people they would want to share that prize with.

So bummer. I love weddings, and seeing people I love get married means a lot to me. Her wedding in particular ranks up there with my brother. She wants this kind of wedding, so I want it for her. I just know that there's a good chance I simply won't make it there. If they don't win, the place they choose could still well be out of my range. The Dude is just starting out his career and doesn't have a ton of money to blow on a Mexican vacation. I don't have money to blow to pay singles rates on a Mexican vacation.

Le sigh. I suppose it'll figure itself out, just likely in such a way that I'll only be there in spirit and I'll have to rely on pictures to experience a day I'd always looked forward to being there for.

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