Saturday, March 27, 2010

I don't get no, dun na na, satisfaction

I had a poor day of work today. I won't get into it too much, because I don't want to reveal my company or whathaveyou, but it was a trial. The subject matter of the show I worked on was painfully boring and obnoxious. Most days my job makes me happy. But today I entertained thoughts of sweet, sweet death. And tomorrow is to be more of the same, only a larger quantity of awful.

My evening has been spent napping, eating chocolate, watching shows I missed this week and feeling crabby. I regress a little when I'm grumpy or have had a bad day. Actually, I regress a lot. I really wanted to kick my feet on the ground like I did when I was a child. That would have felt great.

The day wasn't meant to be a good one, though, not even from the moment I woke up. Smokey got me out of bed early this morning with incessant meowing. Turns out he took exception to a dirty litter box. I took exception to the mess of poo he left on the floor. And just last Tuesday he missed the litter box and urinated all over the floor in the bathroom.

Basically, it's been a rough day. I'm pretty sure tomorrow I'm not going to want to wake up. If I were a bad employee, I'd call in sick. Blarghgh.

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