Friday, March 19, 2010

Tax season

The Dude is in our hometown, living it up with his mom and his best friend. And I'm home alone, hanging out with Smokey, doing some of my laundry, watching TV shows he hates and eating ice cream for dinner.

One of my many wonderful aunts (I'm a lucky woman in the aunt department) called me today to do my taxes. Incidentally, this is the aunt in particular who, shall we say, facilitated my relationship with the Dude in its earliest more sordid stages. And God love her for that.

Anyhoo, we went through my life, such as it is, and looks like I'm getting a refund between $600 and $700. Yay! In one pessimistic respect, it's a bit of a bummer I'm still in a stage of life and wage bracket that I'm getting refunds, but in another much more happy respect, I'm getting free monies from the government.

It's going to take will power not to blow it, though. I'm good with my income. I'm not so responsible with windfalls.

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