Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Night

I like having parties. Since moving to this place a little over five months ago, we've had about three of them, and guests over for dinner as well. I like it. Entertaining makes me happy.

Last night was an Oscar party. It was a dressy night and I made up ballot cards for everyone to make their picks. We ate hors d'oeuvres, and hooted and hollered when one of us got a pick right. The Dude and I had a prize handy for whoever won: a domino trophy he found in Value Village titled, "Monte Carlo Superstars 1990". Oh yeah. It was '80s style tacky kitsch, blue and red metallic shapes sitting on a fake marble base with a gold-painted domino seemingly riding a wave out the top of the trophy.

It was quite possibly the most ridiculous looking award I'd ever seen. McPal won and, boy, was he excited to take the thing home. I love my friends.

There was a lot of wine downed last night, by my standards anyway. About three glasses for me. I'm feeling a little groggy and sluggish. I also know I consumed potentially two days worth of calories last night. I went to bed with a distended stomach. Since I have to go to the tailor's to get my bathing suit and try it on, that may pose a problem to my self esteem.

Oh well. Still worth it.

Who caught the Kanye moment of the evening? This woman, Elinor Burkett, jumped onstage while the director for Music By Prudence (documentary short) was giving his speech. She then took over the mic, talked over him and dude was just barely able to thank his wife before the music began and they were ushered offstage.

This woman was a producer who had removed her name from the project, and apparently the director, Williams, had not been taking her calls. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure the director whose name is on the project should be the one to accept the award, and that once she saw him up there, she could have had the grace and manners to leave it be.

The funniest thing about this, I think, is just like being a hog is now called Bogarting, interrupting people's moment to shine onstage is now called a Kanye.

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