Thursday, January 27, 2011

Etsy and Kitties

Okay, so I am addicted to Etsy. Mostly just browsing Etsy. It's incredible. I mean, how many talented artisans are there out there? Obviously not the ones that wind up on Regretsy, but you know. Online shopping has never been so good. It's like browsing a crafts fair, only you don't have to push through crowds, walk past boring booths or get a sunburn or exhaustion.

So I've been scoping out accessories for the wedding. I've found the hair piece, purse and jewellery I want, all on Etsy. And the beautiful part is they're inexpensive and I can read all the reviews of satisfied buyers. How did people shop for shit like this before the internet? They had to haul ass around various bridal shops, take whatever was available, and pay through the nose for it. Huge waste of time and monies.

I'm tempted to post pictures of my picks, but the Dude reads this puppy and I don't want him to see anything I'm going to wear.

Another thing I plan to get online is the cat cabin. Oh yes. As soon as we've moved downstairs, I'm buying that thing and plunking it down in my office. And of course the cuteness of watching kittens play in their own house will prevent me from ever being productive again.

The socialization of Bea and Sprinkles is coming along. I have them eat out of my hand now, as a way of building trust and initiating contact. The Dude hasn't had as much time with them as I have, so they're taking longer to warm to him. But Sprinkles and Bea are eating out of his hand as I write this and it's charming as heck. Bea is purring up a storm.

Thing is this happiness may not last long. I have to take them to the vet. Their eyes are sore and watery and Sprinkles is sneezing. I looked up the symptoms online and what they have appears to be a standard mild illness. But if it goes untreated, it'll make them uncomfortable for a long time. So off they go, and they'll get stressed out and the trust exercises will no doubt have to start all over again. That is, after we force them into their carrier, take them out in the cold, have a stranger handle them, force them back into the carrier, and then administer medications for potentially a couple weeks.


It's not like kids. Kids, though more challenging to raise and more expensive and time-consuming, will love you no matter what. Cats, though, cats are not such a sure thing. Cats can carry a grudge.

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  1. etsy is awesome. i got a lovely little necklace for under $20 from this girl in tel aviv: