Saturday, January 22, 2011

The quest of foibles

I think I already love the cats, and I'll tell you why.

So today I had to work, but I checked in on the kitties to see how they were doing. Got more of the old hide routine, and Miss Bea had lodged herself through the barriers the Dude and I had placed around the couch.

We had shooed them out from under there and blocked off all the ways to escape back into the space. Their eyes had grown a little watery from the dust under there, and we didn't want them breathing all that crud in. So one of the barriers was a blanket we'd stuffed in the crack between the couch and the floor. Well, this morning Bea found a way in.

So I looked up other options. If we couldn't keep them from hiding under there, maybe we could make the room more enticing to be in. I made some calls to pet stores and found a plug-in scent thing that releases what is a calming natural odour that is supposed to mimic happy cat pheromones.

So I made a call. I would take an hour off work, walk to this pet store 20 minutes away, stop by this indie cafe to try a coffee en route, get the stuff at the store and trek home. It was damn hell ass cold, but I figured I could use the walk and I didn't want to waste tokens, as I only had two left.

So I'm out there, bundled and losing my face to the frost and I reach the cafe 10 minutes after my iPod died on me. I reach into my purse and realize I forgot my wallet at home. So far a very disappointing and irritating start to my quest. I'd already been out for nearly 20 minutes. So I walked back and arrived at home almost 40 minutes later from when I left completely empty-handed and chilled to the pancreas.

But I think about the kitties and don't want it all to be for naught, so I grab my wallet and head back out. Only this time I take the subway because I can't face the freezing walk of already-covered and re-traced ground. Plus I have to get back to work. So I go in the station and see that the train is delayed. I watch the train on the other side come and go for awhile, and finally my train arrives.

When I'm on the train I hear the next station announcement and realize I'm going the wrong way. Yes, out of habit I went to my familiar, regular side of the side of the station and went east. And then I thought of all those westbound trains I saw go by, that I could have been on. So I get out, cross the station, get on the next train and make my way in the right direction.

The rest of the trip was relatively uneventful. I got my coffee, I got my plug-in scent, and for good measure I also bought a cat bed and another dangle toy. And you bet your ass I took the TTC back. And what should have taken shy of an hour took me nearly two.

And I don't resent any of it. And the cats aren't out of hiding yet, and I'm feeling patient. And with this patience and the going out twice in the cold and spending another $70 without thinking, I know I love them. The Dude and I, we got a lotta love to give these critters. We just have to wait.

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