Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011

I rang in the new year with friends and woke up sick as a dog, through no fault of my own. And by that, I mean I didn't have a hangover, I had a sore throat, fever, aches and a stuffy nose. I'm glad I'm not superstitious, because otherwise that and my messy apartment would be a real concern for entering 2011.

So 2010 was quite the year for me. It's not like I didn't chronicle everything in here already, big and small, but I do like to sum up things, so here we go, in chronological order:
  • Hired maid service for the first time
  • Hosted an Oscar party
  • Went to California for a wedding
  • Danced in the spring gala
  • Saw Lady Gaga in concert
  • Tried hot yoga
  • McPal moved into the city
  • Got engaged
  • Booked a venue for the wedding
  • Smokey died
  • Dude was best man at his brother's wedding
  • Went to Mexico and saw my family
  • Was in my cousin's wedding
  • Bought my wedding dress
  • Turned 28 years old
  • Went on extended trip home to our hometown
Add to that various parties, movies, books, visits with friends and great meals, and that's been my year. It was a good one.

2011 is the year the Dude and I plan to get married, but before that we're getting kittens! We still have to wait a week, however. Yes, yes, life is rough. I suppose it's safe to say that the year will also comprise of planning a wedding. I still have to find flowers, a cake, a DJ, wedding rings, and an officiant.

And of course, get over this stupid cold. *Hack* *Wheeze* *Sniffle* At least I got in a good new year's party before I came down with this. It was a really fun night: good company, tasty food, games, drinks, and celebration. And good thing I enjoyed it, too, because the rest of my holiday vacation is likely to be spent in bed.

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