Friday, January 21, 2011

The first 48

It's so weird! We have kittens, but it's like we don't. They're under the couch. There's enough space under there for them to play and nap comfortably, so they're hanging out there a lot. Sometimes I forget we adopted any kitties. But it's been less than 48 hours since we brought them home. Patience is the key.

And they came out and played last night. Oh man, it was to die for. The Dude and I watched and tried not to make sudden moves while they explored the living room and scampered about and lunged at the scratching post. They have to come out to eat, drink and use the litter, and they're getting a wee bit bolder about it.

I guess it's just them learning how to trust us. They look over their shoulders constantly when they eat or pee, like they're nervous we'll come disturb them. At first if we made any eye contact at all they would scurry off. Now they're okay with being watched while they play. We still can't pet them, though. We're waiting for them to get comfortable with us walking around first, because as soon as we're up, they're outta here.

I'll post pictures when more are available. On Facebook I threw up some ones the Dude took to appease my supportive friends who were begging for some kitten pictures. But I'll hold out till we have some proper ones.

Sprinkles is very bold and frenetic about her play. Beatrice is more reserved and cautious. They cuddle each other under the couch. I'm already loving them. Once they let me pet and hold them, I'm pretty sure I'll be a goner for these cats pretty much for all time.

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