Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mail Call!

I had a really good mail day today. I almost had an exemplary mail day, but was thwarted by an early arrival I wasn't awake to hear. Shame on me.

Number one was a mineral makeup order from Silk Naturals, which the letter carrier thoughtfully stuffed tightly into the letter slot. Perhaps a little grumpy about the strike outcome?

Inside was a plethora of coolness. I bought a starter kit for mineral loose powder. You follow recipes and tweak the measurements to create a loose powder to match your skin tone. And the coverage is awesome. It was kind of a messy alchemy experiment that I took to the backyard. Mixing with the tiny scoop, mixing the powder, testing it, stopping things from blowing away.

I also bought a natural cleanser and lip balm, and some lovely cheap samples for toner, lip plumper, exfoliant and serum, plus a foaming bottle for the cleanser. And it all came to a whopping $32. Amazing deal. I have a new favourite cosmetics store.

The second thing that came in the mail was a new smart phone. I had an old flip phone that was obsolete and dependable. But what really started to grate on me was the quiet ringer I could never hear. So, being on Koodo and grandfathered in with an amazing $35 a month deal, I figured I'd upgrade for free to a LG Optimus One (I so want to call it Optimus Prime).

It's like the poor man's iPhone, which is something I find sleek and pretty but would never buy. I only got the cheap thing I had in the first place because it was free and had no contract. I was planning to ride my old phone out. It was only three years old and it still worked. But having found myself in need of a map, in need of restaurant options while out, in need of a phone I can actually notice ringing, and a proper keyboard so I don't have to click each key tons of times to get a message out (And I like to properly spell and punctuate), it was time.

And the rogue mail that got away? I think it's my wedding invite proofs. I can't imagine what else it would be. Oh, but I want to see them! I almost had a mail hat trick. Usually it's just bills.

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