Friday, July 29, 2011

Bye-bye, kitties

The weekend of Dude family fun is here. We're getting picked up in 20 minutes to head to our hometown for two showers hosted by his mother at one and his stepmother at the other. Being at the centre of things in someone else's family is an odd experience, thought they'll be my family too, soon enough. And they're good people. I'm lucky in that way. I've heard some bad tales of woe about in-laws from other people, and it's always issues that began well before the wedding, but which escalated afterward. I don't feel at all concerned about this sort of thing.

It's going to be a lot of socializing, and we're leaving our kittens behind for the first time. They've grown into very affectionate kitties and I'm really going to miss them. I'm also a little concerned about them getting anxiety and acting out about it. Think urinating in the wrong places, vomiting, scratching. But we have McPal and his fiance coming to care for them, which is a load off my mind.

I'm pretty fussy about my kittens. I heart them to pieces. And that's what I love about cats, is that they're made to be spoiled. The more you indulge them, the happier and better behaved they are, which is stark contrast to other dependants, like dogs and children.

Oh, it's time to go... bye, kitties! Be good!

I'm such a suck.

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