Thursday, August 4, 2011

Two Showers

The showers came, the showers went and we have all the linens we'll need for years. That is, two showers are over, the ones courtesy of the Dude's family on both sides. We also got an amazing coffee maker. As I was writing thank you notes, which took quite some time for 14, it occurred to me that after the wedding, it's going to be quite a massive undertaking. Good thing I enjoy written correspondance in general.

The invitations arrived today, the boxes of the other wedding do-dads are piled up and the hall is still half-full of our new towels and sheets. What floors me is that if we still lived upstairs, we'd have nowhere to put any of this stuff. Where would it have gone? It's hard enough to store things now. These are high end problems, but damn.

But I digress. Back to the showers in our hometown. They were both done with love and were completely different from each other. On the father's side, it was an all-day potluck affair that doubled as a family afternoon on the lake. It was relaxed, there were kidlets running about, both men and women, and it was outdoors. On the mother's side, it was 2-3 hours, women only, full of laughs and indoors, with sandwiches and squares.

They were fun and generous, held Saturday then Sunday this past weekend, and was I ever beat by the time we got back into Toronto.

The next shower is a tea party McPal and his fiance are throwing for me. I'm really looking forward to it, just relaxing with friends and munching on goodies and drinking tea. I've made my feelings on afternoon tea quite clear, and I have wonderful friends.

One of the Dude's aunts said, "Enjoy your engagement. This is a magical time." I don't know how magical it is, though it's been pleasant and I was tickled by the sentiment. But I'm not a blushing bride needing instructions on her wedding night before I move into my husband's home and take his name. But I am making a formal commitment and hosting a big event. Marriage isn't quite the thorough life-changer it used to be, but going through these months and parties and making plans is kind of magical in its way. Milestones are few and far between in adulthood. It's exciting.

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