Friday, August 12, 2011

Dresses for weddings

Today will be a day of many things, like finishing the floor and making butter tarts. But I put those homey thoughts aside while I mull over dresses.

I was contacted by the show again and they shot me some dates. Looks like my wedding will be at the tail end of the others. I'll be using these shindigs as an excuse to get some new dresses. But alas, I need wedding-appropriate dresses and some of the items on my current wishlist just aren't up to snuff, like this one:

Obviously I can't wear a white dress to a wedding.
But it's so dang cute! No, no, I won't do it.

They say you can't wear red to weddings either. But why? Why?
Up close there's embroidery and I heart that sort of detailing.

This one is more wedding appropriate.
A splash of white is okay, isn't it?

This little number would be perfect,
if it were still in stock.

This dress is the most practical, really.
I'll probably wind up getting it.

I think I have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 35 dresses. I really believe everyone collects something. I know people who collect shoes, scarves, purses, guitars (There's an expensive venture), makeup, pet stuff, bar accessories and all sorts of things they technically don't need. The Dude collects junk he finds on the side of the road. I have my dresses.

Which is funny because I spend so little time, compared to most people, out of my house.

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