Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So Etsy

I've been putting my new Kitchen-Aid mixer to good work, and have already made two delightfully tasty desserts in one week: butter tarts and cheesecake. I may need to slow the pace or I'm going to get wicked chubby. But now that I have the tools at my disposal, it's hard not to think about the things I could be making.

Looking around this place, it's hard also not to be thinking of things I could be cleaning. The bags, the boxes, the clutter is looming large in my office, spilling into the hall. And there's so much more to come, mostly from Etsy. I am pretty much having an Etsy wedding.

Here are some bitchin' wood chip flowers I'm going to leave as favours.

I don't really care much for "branding" at people's weddings. A little touch here and there to let you know where you are, fine. "X & Y, Insert Wedding Date" is okay on one or possibly two things. But I really don't care for favours or gifts to guests that are branded with other people's information. So a plain flower it is, just because it's neat.

In lieu of rice or confetti, here are some ribbons and a bell on a wand.

I was looking for something kind of special and fun, and found these neat-o items for guests to wave instead of throwing things. We won't be going outside anywhere for people to toss specks of whatever into the breeze, so this is a charming option. It wasn't necessary, but it's a twist on an old favourite tradition. It's coming in pink and two shades of blue. Again, no branding.

This is possibly my favourite, simply because of the keepsake value.

This is actually a card box, something I was rather ill at ease buying. A receptacle for monetary gifts? But if you don't have one, people will just give you whatever cards they may bring, and that's not terribly practical. So I found this box, which is a small suitcase, and though you can't see it, there is a slot carved into the side for cards. After the wedding, I'll have a wonderful keepsake box for little souvenirs from the wedding: the invitations, a wood flower, my hair accessory, a table number, cards, things like that.

And they're all en route. More boxes, more clutter, fewer days to go.

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