Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Days

The Dude is home from a quick business trip, but his work schedule is still maniacal. This is good for our bank account; all that overtime now will translate into a stress-free fall this year. But it's a bummer for me on a personal level because I miss his company, and for him it means his time not working is spent resting and waiting for tomorrow, instead of being up for fun. There were some wedding DIY projects we were going to do together, however I've decided to take that off his plate. My time is free and I enjoy crafting, anyhow.

I'm planning for us to take a couples day at the spa to get massages. My body is creaky and my hands and arms have significant issues; the Dude is stressed and exhausted. Massages together is something we've done once before a couple years ago, but I think it's high time we did it again. Poor soul needs a little rejuvenation. We usually go up to his dad's for Labour Day weekend for a horseshoe tournament, but he can't bear the thought of using any of his days off travelling on the highway.

I think I've enjoyed this summer, though it's not been the sort of summer I had originally envisioned. I haven't swam once, didn't go to Canada's Wonderland, or even sit out on a restaurant patio, so all the normal summery things haven't gone down. But I have grown a backyard garden, hosted BBQs with the Dude, spent time with friends and had three lovely showers. I've also been to the AGO, seen some movies and started a high tea Sunday with my pals. And of course, I've been planning a wedding.

It's not been a typical summer, basically. But a summer spent planning a wedding and being with people you love is pretty great.

But I need a vacation. The other day I went to the doctor's on my day off, to see about my strained arm and wrist. Leaving the hospital, I felt a sense of urgency to get home and go back to work. But I was off. The sensation was a pleasant shock. I realized I need, and quite badly, some real time to enjoy life. I've taken some long weekends, but I need a week. Hell, two weeks would be wicked.

And I have the time banked. I'm taking the week before my wedding off. It won't be with the Dude, who was coaxed and convinced to at least take off the day before. But my bridesmaid from California is coming and I'll be able to hang out with her and show her the city. I'll be free to handle last-minute wedding concerns. I'll be able to have plenty of time to think about the big decision I'm making and let it sink in.

And then there's the potential for winning a free honeymoon via the show. I try not to think too hard about that. I don't want to want it too bad. I want to just enjoy the ride and see what happens. But damn, some free relaxation/travel/yayness would really hit the spot. We could both really use it.

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