Monday, July 11, 2011


This heat is oppressive, isn't it? Well, if you're in Toronto, you know what I'm talking about. We had the AC on for a bit, and discovered the vent or whatever it was needed to be changed when within an hour I was wheezing and sneezing up my soul. I spent a couple days suffering through sinus hell. The heat in comparison is almost welcome. At least I can breathe.

I have recently come into a situation that is quite an ass thing for any woman: my reliable, personable, talented and affordable hair stylist quit. And not just the salon she was at, but apparently the business. And four months before my wedding when I was counting on using her services.

So I went on a search to discover a new salon. I saw excellent reviews for Fringe in Parkdale, my old haunt. The quality of the cut is good and the actual salon is really cool. I like minimalistic modern settings. But... it was $40 more than my price range, and I was kept waiting 10 minutes without an apology, and I was left completely alone in the salon for 15 minutes, not even a receptionist was present. I think the colour was left in too long, not based on how long it needed, but around the stylist's activities. Anyway, I can't justify going back with the highest price and lower service.

So the search continues. And not having a regularly stylist you're familiar with to do your hair on your wedding means you have to call around, ask for prices and get recommendations and pretty much hope for the best.

With under four months to go, things are really starting to happen. In particular, four things.

My maid of honour and my aunt are cohosting a shower for me in my hometown. All my family and nearby friends will be invited. McPal, being my bridesman and Torontonian wanted to also throw a shower, a tea party type affair cohosted with his fiance, for my Toronto friends who would be too far from my hometown to attend the shower.

So this is really nice. But what I hadn't realized was that the Dude's family was going to be as excited about showers as mine would be. The Dude's mom decided she wanted to throw a shower as well to introduce me to her family. I let her know about my maid of honour's shower, but she felt it was important for her to do her own. So now we're up to threee.

Then the Dude's stepmom wanted to throw one for the ladies on her husband's side of the family. I again let her know about the already existing shower and that all the ladies she wants to host would be invited, but she still wanted to host one herself.

I'm having four showers.

Now, this is not a complaint. When you have so many people wanting to do things for you to help you celebrate that you wind up with four showers, this is not a problem. It's an outpouring of love and kindness. But holy moley, I'm having four showers and I never would have seen such a thing coming in my whole life.

I think for the Dude, his family have been wanting to do something. None of his other brothers got married, so while there have been babies born and all the joy that comes with grandchildren, there's been no weddings. So I think that is where a lot of that enthusiasm comes from. It's a chance for parents to get involved and participate in this sort of milestone for one of their kids and show some love, and this may be the only chance so they're making the most of it.

It really is moving. I'm happy I'm marrying into a kind and caring family.

But wow. Four showers. Little-known fact about me: Opening presents makes me feel a little awkward. Looks like I'll be on the road to getting over that in the very near future!

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